Dr. Pierre Giovanni Mani González: (UACJ),

Dr. Frank Romo García (UNISON) 

Dr. Matthew Snelgrove (University of Limerick-Ireland),


Atomic layer deposition (ALD), is well renowned for the growth of thin films with a high degree of thickness and stochiometric control. Its advantageous properties have enabled its incorporation into areas such as the semiconductor industry and renewable energy sector.

The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum for the discussion about current research and development in the field of atomic layer deposition (ALD), encouraging discussion from fundamentals to applications. The topics will include:


  • Simulation, Modelling and Theory of ALD
  • Precursors and chemistry
  • Surface Functionalization
  • Structursal, chemical and electrical characterization
  • Growth and Nucleation in the Ultra-Thin Regime
  • Plasma-Enhanced ALD
  • Molecular Layer Deposition
  • Sequential infiltration synthesis
  • Area selective Deposition
  • Vapor Phase Infiltration