Dr. Joaquín Alvarado Pulido (BUAP),  
Dr. Irving Eduardo Cortes Mestizo (CIACYT-UASLP),

Research on semiconductors has been an extremely important research field for most of the past century and will continue to have a central role worldwide during the twenty first century. Current technology would not exist if silicon-based electronics had not been developed. This impressive progress has been extended to other semiconductors such as gallium arsenide, group-three nitrides and related materials. The pace at which technology advances is a direct consequence of the research efforts in growth, characterization, control of properties, development of novel devices, performance improvement, new materials such as alloys and solid solutions, theoretical approaches to predict and understand semiconductor properties, and so on. The Mexican Society for Science and Technology of Surfaces and Materials (SMCTSM) has had, since its beginnings, an important tradition among its members in pursuing research in the important field of semiconductors.This Symposium has been an important forum,for many years,for the generation, discussion and exchange of ideas where stimulating and fruitful collaborationshas arisen among the participants. The themes covered in the symposium include:


  • Growth: chemical and physical methods
  • Single crystals
  • Thin films: epitaxial and polycrystalline
  • Surfaces
  • Structural characterization
  • Electronic properties: optical, thermal and electrical
  • Lattice dynamics and phonon properties
  • Homo and heterojunctions
  • Devices
  • Novel semiconductors: compounds, alloys and solid solutions
  • Nanoscaled semiconductors
  • Carbon: nanotubes, graphene, and fullerenes
  • Theoretical models and calculations of semiconductor properties
  • Novel characterization techniques
  • Other (it is such a wide and beautiful area!)

We look forward to your participation in the Symposium of Semiconductors, whose success and high impact is guaranteed by the contribution of the SMCTSM members.