Dr. Edgar Enrique Camps Carvajal (ININ),

Dr. Ernesto David García Bustos (CONAHCYT-UPVM),


Tribology studies the friction and wear behavior of surfaces that are in contact and in relative motion. Materials, Lubricants and Coatings are commonly used to increase the durability and life of components in mechanical systems, as well to reduce the energy consumption through reducing friction.

This Symposium aims to cover the most relevant aspects of tribology by presenting papers focused on:

  • Wear and friction studies of surfaces and bulk materials.
  • Mechanical properties of coatings and thin films.
  • Interaction between lubricants and coatings.
  • Modeling of tribological phenomena.
  • Industrial applications of coatings and thin films.
  • Nanomaterials and nanoformulations for lubrication.
  • Novel techniques to study wear and friction.
  • Studies of tribochemical reactions (tribofilms).
  • Diamond Like Coatings for Lubrication.
  • Novel techniques to evaluate friction and wear.