Dr. Norberto Hernández Como, (Centro de Nanotecnologia, IPN), nohernandezc@ipn.mx
Dr Israel Mejía Silva (CIDESI),  israel.mejia@cidesi.edu.mx


Internet of Things (IoT) is providing several stand-alone internet-connected sensors that can be monitored and/or controlled from a remote location, this is an example of how silicon-related technology is changing the world for human benefit.


In this regard the mission of this Microelectronics and MEMS (MicroSystems) Symposium is to bring together scientists and technologists interested in these two interrelated fields. The program will highlight recent advances in the design and fabrication of integrated circuits (IC´s), Microelectronics Technology, Materials Science for Micro and Nanoelectromechanical devices and systems (NEMS), as well as the different strategies for the integration and packaging of MEMS and NEMS.


Microelectronics; which in its widest conception includes the design, fabrication, characterization, and modeling of micro- and nano- devices, and circuits, has emerged as the fundamental technology for the fabrication of Microsystems. In this field, it is interesting to analyze the scaling laws and size regimes in which macro theories start requiring further non-linear analysis. The purpose is to obtain a deeper understanding of the physical consequences of downscaling electrostatic, electromagnetic, fluidic, optical, thermal, chemical devices, and some combinations of them. It is of great importance to study the non-linear behavior of miniaturized devices and systems, which apart from reason involving economics, volume and weight, can lead to new operating principles and even to increase the system performance. All of them is the basis for current technology trend.


Main Topics:

The Microelectronics and MEMS Symposium is focused on the integration of materials and processes for developing MEMS/NEMS devices. Invited Talks, Oral and Poster Session will include the following topics:

  • Internet of things
  • Design, characterization, and modeling of IC´s
  • Amorphous Materials and compound Semiconductors
  • Characterization and Modeling of Circuits with Sensors/Actuators
  • Microsystems design (MEMS/NEMS)
  • Bulk and Surface Micromachining
  • Radio Frequency CMOS-MEMS
  • Integrated Optics
  • BioMEMS and Lab on a Chip
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Chemical Sensors Applications
  • Automotive Applications