Dear participant:

The poster session will be held at Teatro Calderon divided into two sessions.

SESION 1: Odd numbers, Monday 12:30 p.m to 2:30 pm
SESSION 2: Even numbers, Tuesday 5:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

Please be advised that the date and hour are slightly different from previous conferences. The entire program of the conference can be consulted at:

The posters are numbered and allocated by symposium. First you must locate the symposium and then the number. Every spot in the session will be marked by code with the number of your contribution.

The recommended size of the poster is 90 cm x 120 cm, the poster MUST BE IN ENGLISH

The organizing committee will provide double side tape. You are no allowed to use glue or use pins to hold your poster.There will be staff members to help you in case you can´t locate your poster.

The list of the posters will be posted on the following link: , if you don´t locate yours please send an email to the following address:

If you have not yet registered you could still save some time and finish before the conference, please visit the following webpage:

Finally, we would like to invite you to participate in all the activities that the organizing committee have planned. We will see you at Zacatecas!!

Organizing Committee